Sunday, September 7, 2008

1,465 Visitors on!

Thanks to everyone for visiting! In the four months since I launched the site in May I have had 1,465 visitors. I hope you have learned something, not been to bored (after all what is more exciting than fertilizer) and started growing a bigger pumpkin as a result of this site. I always appreciate your feedback so if you ever have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment by clicking the link below. I will usually leave a reply to your comment in the same comment box within 24 hours.

Watch for pictures of my pumpkin on the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News' this next week. will also be running a contest around my pumpkin starting September 22nd. Lastly, visit the big RMGVG weigh-off at Jared's Nursery to see my pumpkin and to see a new Colorado state record pumpkin (hopefully--we are counting on you Joe!). Admission is free to the public.

Pumpkin growth the last few days has been a bit slow. Right now I have 11 inches remaining to reach my goal.

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