Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back in the Patch Again

Someone didn't tell mother nature that it is still winter, but I have been enjoying getting out into the patch again in 70 degree weather. Over the last two days I have been roto tillig and pouring compost tea over the patch. My initial tilling in the fall didn't get me nearly as deep as I wanted to go because the ground was so compacted so I have been letting the tiller run as deep as I can. The soil is looking much better than it did in the fall. Better tilth and lots of nice organic pieces in the soil. I don't expect my soil to be perfect this year (it takes a while for everything to break down and for the biology to build in the soil) but I think I will be good enough. I have a little more tilling to do and then I am going to wait until my soil analysis gets back to see if I need to add anything else. After the last analysis I will till the soil again going in a perpendicular direction to what I went last time in final preparation for planting.

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