Saturday, July 24, 2010

30 Day Measurements

30 day measurements are usually considred important because it is right in the beginning stages of big growth. Often you know if you are a contender by the 30 day mark and then over the next three weeks you find if you were a pretendar. Lets say I'm pleased but not thrilled with my 30 day measurement. If your name is Joe then you might understand what 100 means.

The picture below is the 1236 Harp. At the same number of days the 1161 measures a little bigger but the 1236 has such a square shape that it looks a lot bigger. A very pretty pumpkin at this point like the mama. Leaf fungus is under control right now. I'm concerned that the beating the leaves have taken will effect the growth come September so I'm hoping to pack on as many pounds as possible before then.

I gave the plant some fish and seaweed yesterday along with some CO2.


Anonymous said...

Nice looking pumpkin. Interesting that you got the same leaf fungus that I referenced in an earlier post. Must be a colorado thing this year. All things are going well right now, but I did notice that my main vine is almost all yellow. Is there any reason for concern? What would cause this if it is not normal? Thanks again for the blog.


Jamie said...

Thanks. One of the garden center people said they have seen a fair amout of leaf fungus this year. 98% chance there is no reason to be concerned about the yellow vine. That is a genetic trait for some plants that often comes from a pumpkin by the name of the 898 Knauss which is in your family tree.