Sunday, July 25, 2010

I See Daddy in the 1236 Harp

I was walking by the 1236 pumpkin this evening and I noticed something I have never seen in this pumpkin before. Daddy! To this point I've seen a lot of the 1236 mama, mostly in the orange color. But today I saw something forming in it's shape that hasn't been there before. The 1725 shape. Almost exactly. Below is a picture of the 1236 superimposed on the 1725. Outside of the widest part of the shoulders the outlines of these two pumpkins is almost exactly identical. The slope down to the shoulders, the ribbing, almost everything (except for the size) is nearly exactly the same. I think this is a good thing.

The 1161 grows almost identical to the 1236 every day. Not loving the sucked in blossom on this pumpkin. Did a compost tea drench around the stumps for both plants today.

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