Monday, July 26, 2010

If You Aint Blowing Em You Aint Growing Them

I took things up a notch today with my fertilizer program. I feel like I'm not getting everything I could out of my pumpkins and after talking to a couple of great growers I poured it on today doubling the amount of fertilizer that I would normally give to the plants. Today's gains were slightly above normal for the 1236 and below normal for the 1161 but neither of them are giving the bigger gains that I would expect from them at this point. The extra fertilizer is an experiment to see if a nutrient issue is what is holding the pumpkins back a bit.

I heard from Nick Harp today. I had asked him if the 1725 just jumped in growth after day 30 or if it just never slowed down. At this point in the season last year the 1725 wasn't doing much. His response was, "the 1725 took off after day 30, or rather didn't slow down much."

Gave both plants a tablespoon of fish & seaweed along with 1/4 cup of of Fox Farm 3-4-3.

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