Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pumpkin Plants Update

After a somewhat slow growth day the day before last we were back to normal growth on both plants yesterday. I need the current growth pattern to stay about the same for three more days. If that happens and then the pumpkin can grow about as fast as my 755 pumpkin did two years ago (and it wasn't a good grower in September) then we should go over 1,100 pounds on the 1236 Harp plant. In order for that to happen we will need good weather in the month of September.

The first signs of powdery mildew has shown up on the 1236 Harp and my kids 1129 Orleck plants. Haven't seen any on the 1161 plant so far. Compost tea, some fungicides and diluted milk is what I use to try to prevent and combat it. There really isn't anything you can do to keep the powdery mildew completely away. Some plants seem to be more resistant than others. You mostly just hope to control it and part of that is doing preventative measures, like the compost tea, before it shows up. This is about the time of year it typically shows up.

I gave the plants a foliar of magnesium, manganese and calcium yesterday.

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