Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pumpkin Plants are Getting Back on Track

Today the pumpkin plants color was a nice dark green again and the growth was good. the vines are finally on the ground and running. It felt good to start burying vines again (although it is my least favorite thing to do). I feel like I'm about 5-6 days behind where I would like to be right now but the weather is looking okay (maybe a touch warm) over the next few days so hopefully we can makeup some ground. I would like the main vine to be at 13 feet by the 28th of next month which is a long ways but it is doable.


Anonymous said...

My pumpkin plants are already blooming and have their first male flowers. It is only June 1. The plants have 6 true leaves. Is there anything wrong with them?

Jamie said...

Early flowering can be a sign of stress but some plants like to flower earlier than others. At this time of the year I usually take the flowers off when they are small so the plant doesn't waste energy growing them.