Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Game Over & Compost Tea with a Little Seaweed Today

I went and saw Joe Scherber's pumpkin patch today. I love visiting Joe's patch and hate it. Joe has a great setup and is always more than willing to share his depth of knowledge but his plants always look so good that it makes you want to cash it in. For the most part my plants are on par with Joe's. I started a little later than him this year but our plants are generally about the same size except for one. His 1725 Harp plant is a beast. If it can grow pumpkins like it can grow salad it is game over this year.

Today I did a lot of vine burying on my two pumpkin plants. Vine burying helps keep the vines from twisting in the wind and more importantly encourages root growth at the leaf nodes.

This evening I game my plants some compost tea with some seaweed in it. Some studies have shown that the hormones in seaweed can help with flowering on plants. A new female flower showed up today on the 1204 Scherber pumpkin plant at a nice spot on the main vine so in about 1.5 weeks I hope to have a pumpkin growing on that plant.

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