Monday, July 4, 2011

98 Degrees & Pollination Time

Pollinated the 868 Johnson today with the 1725 Harp this morning. At this moment it is 98 degrees in the pumpkin patch so today I've been testing how much water is too much. I figure if I'm going to get this born on the 4th of July pollination to take then it is going to take lots of water and cooling down to make it happen. I've got a container of ice next to the newly pollinated female flower and the flower is covered with a chair to shade it. 10 days from now we will know it if worked.

The pumpkins on this plant seem to be leaning towards the 1544 Revier side, which in my book is a good thing other than the apple shape. If I don't get a wheel shaped pumpkin I'll be in good shape. The pumpkins are definetly going to be orange and probably a dark orange color.


Anonymous said...

My pumpkin is getting its sides scraped on the vine and on a leaf stem nearby. Should I cut of the leaf and side vine next to it? Do you have any ideas?

Jamie said...

Yes, I always take off any times and heaves that are close to touching the pumpkin. The young pumpkins skin is very sensative.