Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pumpkin is Growing & Some Foliar CalCarb this Evening

The 1204 Scherber hasn't aborted and is still growing which is great. Very hot in Denver today and the forecast is for even hotter weather tomorrow. For some reason I only pollinate when it is over 95 degrees (which of course isn't ideal) so tomorrow the 868 female is going to open of course. The clone plants didn't have any males that were going to open tomorrow so I'll be pollinating the 868 with the 1725 Harp. The pollen comes from Joe Scherber and his 1725 plant (seed from the former world record pumpkin) is a gorgeous plant with a nice sized pumpkin growing on it that looks like it could be a contender.

Gave the plants some CalCarb this evening with some humic acid and calcium chloride added to the foliar spray. CalCarb seems to help the plants with heat stress and there will be a lot of that tomorrow. I read a study two weeks ago that said that the absorption of micronized calcium is much higher when it is mixed with humic acid so I have been doing that lately.

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