Sunday, June 24, 2012

Controlled Cross Pumpkin Pollination

I pollinated the 1789 Wallace female flower that is at about 12 feet on the main vine at 6:00am this morning.  The night before I put a netted bag over the flower to make sure nothing else (i.e. bees) could pollinate the flower.  I then took four male 1789 Wallace flowers from another plant and took the petals off of them and gently rubbed the pollen off onto the lobes of the female.  The female was pretty much a perfectly shaped 6 lobe flower.  After pollinating the flower I put a rubber band on the petals to close the flower back up to keep the pollen dry and then put the netting back on he flower.  In the next couple of days I hope to see some growth in the little pumpkin at the bottom of the petals and to see the pumpkin get shiny and stay shiny.  At about 7-10 days if the pumpkin is still growing and nice and shiny then you know the pollination has taken and that the pumpkin is most likely not going to abort.

Gave the plants some foliar humic acid with a touch of seaweed this evening.

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