Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hot in the Pumpkin Patch

There is nothing more to say about today and the next 5 days other than it is HOT.  One hundred degrees today in Denver and more to come.  That can only mean one thing.  Pollination time.  If one day is 80 degrees and the next day is 100 degrees then the flower is going to open for me on the 100 degree day.  It has pretty much been that way every year for years.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 101 degrees and the next day 100 and the day after that it is going to be 101 degrees and the perfect flower on the 1789 plant is going to open tomorrow.  This is going to be the toughest pollination I've ever done because of the weather and this female is in the perfect spot so hopefully it will take.  I'm going to try everything I know to do to make that happen.  Frequent misting of the plants, frozen milk containers next to the flower, shade for the flower and extra water for the plants.  The good news is that 5 females showed up on the side vines this morning so that is telling me the plant is ready to start growing pumpkins so hopefully this one will take.

I'll be crossing the 1789 Wallace with flowers from a 1789 Wallace that Joe Scherber has.  His "Freak" as they call it looks just like mine with a lot of the same characteristics of mama so I'm liking this cross.

There is a female on the main of the 1451 that is in a great spot that should be opening around July 2nd.  If that one looks good and takes then we should be in business for this year.

I gave the plants this evening some Lithovit with a small touch of Big Bloom as a foliar application.  

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