Thursday, July 12, 2012

1451 Looks Like It Has a Pumpkin; 1789 is Done

We are at day six now and the 1451 pumpkin is shining up and putting on size nicely right now so it looks like this pollination may have taken.  I'll feel more comfortable when we are at day 10 and I can say the same thing.  It has a medium length fruit with a long and thick stem.  Many of the characteristics of this plant have looked like the 1725 Clone (1161 Rodonis) except that it has the 1725 shaped leaves and green vines.  As far as fruit characteristics go, I would say that I might have  something of a hybrid of the 1161 and 1725 Harp.  Unlike Joe's 1451 plant which is almost an exact clone of the 1725 Harp that he grew last year (big leaves, big vines and white pumpkin) my plant seems to have characteristics of both mom and pop.  The good news is that mom and dad were both amazing growers, but I think I'd prefer if the genetics leaned one way or another.

The 1789 plant is going to get pulled.  It looks like it has gotten yellow vine disease and it is done for.  Too bad because I really liked all of the characteristics in this plant and I believe someone is going to grow a big one off the 1789.  Just isn't going to be me this year.

Gave the 1451 some fish & seaweed, Big Bloom and calcium this evening.


roy hyland said...

When do YOU start thinning to one pumpkin? I am always afraid to do it too soon.

Jamie said...

My personal opinion is that you have about 20 days until the pumpkin becomes a sink where the energy really starts flowing to it so I think you are safe to wait that long. More than that and you may be limiting the growth of a pumpkin by having more than one on the main. Usually at 10 days you can tell if the pumpkin is set or not but at times they can surprise you and abort for no obvious reason.