Friday, July 13, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Tour of Eddy "The Iceman's" Patch

High Tech Pumpkin Greenhouses
I was in Calgary, Alberta the first part of this week and Eddy was nice enough to let me take a tour of his pumpkin patch while I was up there.  I visited with Eddy at his house 4 years ago at Christmas time but he has done a lot of work in his patch since then.  He took down all of his greenhouses and rebuilt everything and this is the first year with the new greenhouses in place.  Eddy has a really great setup now that is going to allow him to grow big in the Great White North (although it was 90 degrees while I was there and leaf burn was more of a problem then you would expect that far north).

1789 Wallace
Pictured here is Eddy's 1789 plant.  Easily his favorite plant to this point in the season.  Says it has given him no trouble.  All of his plants are ahead of schedule this year.  His giant squash plants look great and he has some recent pollinations on the vine that are already massive.

Thanks for the time Eddy!

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