Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Got a Lot Done in the Patch Yesterday

Yesterday evening I pulled a lot of weeds, prepped the 1789 area and sown some Sorgorum Sudan grass seed and then sprayed the better part of the patch with Biotamax, azos and Actinovate.  The sudan grass is being used as a cover crop for the space that the 1789 used to be growing in.  I will till it into the ground in the fall which will make a nice green manure, but more importantly for right now it will help keep the weeds down in the patch because I'm tired of pulling weeds.

If I can't have the biggest pumpkin in Colorado I'm sure going to have the biggest sudan grass in Colorado!  Lol

I also sprayed the pumpkin plant with fish & seaweed yesterday.  I'm a little concerned that with the amount of water I'm putting down to keep the plants alive in this hot Denver weather that I may be leaching a lot of my nitrogen out of the soil so the foliar sprays should be helping with that.

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