Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Protection for the Pumpkin & The Great White Hope Becomes Orange

This evening I built a structure over the pumpkin to help keep it cooler and dry.  I drove re-bar into the ground and then stuck pvc pipe into the re-bar and bent them over the pumpkin.  I then attached a tarp over the pumpkin.  I need to add one more pipe but I ran out of re-bar.  I haven't tried this kind of structure before but I know other growers who have and I've only got one pumpkin this year so I have to take good care of it.

My white pumpkin appears to be turning orange.  On the blossom end and the area around the stem orange is starting to show up.  The pumpkin for almost a week was pure white but I guess dad's genetics are popping through now.   Either that or my wife has been praying for orange.  When I told her the pumpkin was going to be white she was more than a little disappointed.  All I care for is a giant and if it is pretty then that is bonus.


Patrick said...

Are all of those vines/leaves in the picture just from one plant?!?

Jamie said...

Yes, that is all one plant. Right now the plant is about 400 square feet with about 33% of the vines terminated. In a week about 75% of the vines will be terminated and I'll have 5 vines that I will let grow until the end of the season. Right now the vines are growing kind of slow as the pumpkin is starting to take off and suck all of the energy from the plant.