Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ants, Calcium & Lithovit

I went to spray some Lithovit (similar to CalCarb) that I had left over from last season on my plant this evening and decided to spray some on my kids' 924 Johnson plant this evening.  I went around to the stump area on the plant and saw that it was COMPLETELY covered with ants.  That was strange because the plant was watered this morning and there were no ants at that time and I couldn't figure out why ants would be attacking the stump of a pumpkin plant.  I went in to the house and got some bug spray and started spraying the ants and noticed the line of ants went up higher following the main vine.  As I followed the line, spraying as I went, I discovered the source of the ants interest.  One of the kids had left a bag of trail mix under the leaf canopy and I'm sure the ants were loving that.

Sprayed my plant with some Lithovit and calcium after the trail mix was removed.

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