Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Late Bloomer?

Morning sun makes the pumpkin look more orange
As I mentioned in the last post, Christine the pumpkin was growing very nicely over the first 10 days and was on target to break my personal best by almost 300 pounds according to the charts.  On day 21 the circumference gains trend started to drop off.  For some reason my pumpkin kept ramping up but it didn't follow the growth pattern I was seeing in the first 10 days and from day 21-29 I was seeing gains that were 8-10 pounds less than what I was expecting.  Over the course of a couple of weeks that adds up to hundreds of pounds in lost gains.

I started watering the plant a little more on day 30 and the ramp up in gains has gone up and I still seem to be ramping up.  Today was the first day that I saw gains in the 25 pounds per day range.  I'm not sure if the gains were from a few extra minutes of water per day or if this pumpkin is just kind of a late bloomer in it's growth pattern.  I know it's mom was a bit of a late bloomer.  If anyone knows Ken Sweet if you wouldn't mind asking him what the growth pattern was for his 1,725 pounder I'd love to know.  The pollinator for the 1451 Scherber was a clone from Ken's 1161 Rodonis plant.

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