Friday, August 3, 2012

Slower Growth on the Pumpkin

For the first 20 days the pumpkin was cranking along very nicely, but from day 21 to 28 things have not ramped up as fast as they should have and I'm not sure why.  The last two days the pumpkin has only been doing 16-17 pounds a day.  The plant looks perfectly healthy, the stump seems fine, but just no big growth on the pumpkin.  At this point I would expect the pumpkin to be doing around 25-30 pounds a day so something seems wrong but I'm not sure what yet.

I gave the plants some calcium this evening.


Anonymous said...

Any progress on the weight gain? If so, why did it slow down?


Jamie said...

The pumpkin is still ramping up in weight gains but not the ramp up I expected after the first 10 days of growth. I'm not sure why. Could be a genetic thing. Although the pumpkin is still ramping up.