Thursday, August 23, 2012

At Day 50 Start Watching Out for Pumpkin Problems

At around 50 days of growth problems with your pumpkin can start showing up.  I don't know what makes 50 days magical, but dill rings, rot, splits and other related issues tend to start showing up at this time.  I lost both of my pumpkins last year right around 50 days of growth.  Dill rings are something that when they happen you can't do a whole lot about other than maybe slowing down the growth of your pumpkin but who wants to do that?  Rot is something that you can stop if you catch it early.  Today I wiped my pumpkin down with a solution of 10% bleach.  That way if any soft spots are forming on the skin we can maybe stop them before they start.  I also have my pumpkin covered with a tarp to help keep the pumpkin dry to reduce the risk of rot.

Keep those pumpkins together and good luck on your final push to the scale!

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