Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kudos to the Wife, The Hoop House is Off

1421 Stelts
Let me take a moment to give a big thanks to my wife and the help she gives me in growing my pumpkins.  I should put "help" in quotes because she usually doesn't look at my pumpkin plants for the first two months and then after that maybe 3-4 times before harvest.  However, she puts up with me wasting a lot of time in the patch and listening to me talk about pumpkins throughout the season and to put up with that is more than any women should have to endure. 

This evening she did help me a lot by helping me take the hoop houses off of the plants.  This was not an easy and a little scary task.  Last season I lost the main vine on a plant when I and another person were removing the hoop houses.  That set that plant back a week.  This year it even more challenging because the 1421 plant was 2 days over due in taking the hoop house off the plant and the main must have grown 10 inches today we we had to be very careful in taking the hoop house off.  My wife was a champ however and things went perfectly.

When you take the hoop houses off what used to look like a big plant looks very small.  Both the 1775 and the 1421 plants are getting ready to explode however.  By this time next week the plants will literally have doubled in size or more.  In two weeks we should be pollinating the pumpkins and then we are off to the races.

Today I gave the patch a spray down of Biotamax and Azos.  I also gave the plants some CalCarb because it is going to be hot tomorrow.

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