Monday, July 29, 2013

Mistakes and A Little Help

If you've followed my posts you'll know that not that long ago I talked about making sure you cut the tap roots around the pumpkin so that the main vine can lift up as the pumpkin grows.  I was getting the vine bound up against the pumpkin over the last few days so I asked Joe to help me move the pumpkin back to get it out of the way of the vine.  Joe caught something that I didn't.  One tap root wasn't cut which was part of the problem with the vine.  A silly rookie error.  The root was cut and with some effort we moved the pumpkin carefully out of the way of the vine and things look good for another few weeks.

Even with the very cool and rainy weather in Denver the last couple of days both pumpkins have put on some nice growth all considering.  Warmer days to come so we will see what these pumpkins can do.

I sprayed some multi-mineral with a touch of metasolate calcium added on the plants.  I believe that times of low precipitation and high precipitation can cause calcium to not move properly through the plants so adding a little extra calcium I hope to reduce the risk of dill rings and blossom end splits (BES).  Because of the tall shape of the 1421 pumpkin I fear that I'm susceptible to BES.

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