Saturday, July 27, 2013

Latest Pictuers from the Pumpkin Patch

These are pictures of Stanley and Elbert.  Both have made very nice gains this last week, even though the weather has been abnormally cool (Stanley set a new personal best yesterday for one day gains and has doubled its weight over the last week).  The 1775 plant is probably 2-3 days from having filled in all its available space and then it will be terminated on all vines.  The vines have grown like crazy the last three weeks and I'm hoping that after it is buttoned up then the main sink will become the pumpkin for even better growth.

1421 Stelts (Stanley)

1775 Starr (Elbert)

This morning I sprayed some Vegetable & Fruit Yield Enhancer on the soil under the canopy.  It is a mixture of beneficial bacterial, myko and 3% humic acid. I also gave the plants a foliar application of magnesium sulfate for the magnesium and the sulfur.


Lakewood said...

My ferguson 1205 doubled in size to the size of a basketball last week. This week not much growth I am in Denver. Could it be the cooler weather? Or do you think I have a different problem?

Jamie said...

Weather I'm sure is the problem. Anytime the day time high get below 82 degrees I've seen a drop in the daily gains. My 1421 was down about 5 pounds a day in growth the last two days. However when things get warmed up and the microbes get active again with all of the water in the soil the pumpkins should take right off. Lay off the fertilizers for now.