Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Grow "Room" Closet

During the off season I got some new grow lights for Christmas which has allowed me to start even more plants this year.  As of today all of the seeds that I started on Tuesday have popped through the soil expect for three and two of those three I know germinated so it looks like we are in very good shape.  Pictured below is my light setup. 

I start the seeds on some shelves in a closet.  On one half of the closet I've got 4 florescent bulbs with three full spectrum bulbs that are in brooders on the side.  This gives plenty of light to the plants as long as I keep the florescent bulbs within about 4 inches of the plants.

On the other half of the closet I have one T5 bulb and two cfl bulbs with brooders.  These setup is new but seems like it should work well.

At the bottom of the closet is a thermostatically controlled space heater.  On the plants level this keeps the plants at about 85 degrees which is just about right.

So far I haven't tripped a breaker.  Keeping the fingers crossed.

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