Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Pumpkin Plants

After a week of very strong winds it is finally calm enough to get the plants out into the sun this morning.  It is only about 42 degrees, but the perfect opportunity to harden the plants off some and get them some full spectrum sunlight. 

Pictured below from top left to right on the top row:  228 Scherber (late planting), 1317 Clements, 695 Johnson, 1220 Johnson (king of the patch), 1220 Johnson

2nd Row:  228 Scherber, 335 Scherber, 335 Scherber, 1791 Holland

3rd Row:  1317 Clements, 335 Scherber


Anonymous said...

I planted some pumpkin seeds I saved from my pumpkin last year and the roots are coming out of the bottom of the pot, what do I do as it is way to cold to plant them outside yet..

Jamie said...

Transplant your pumpkins to bigger pots to give those roots more room. You don't want those roots getting root bound or that could set you back.