Friday, June 20, 2014

Hopefully We Are Growing Pumpkins Now

I pollinated the female flower on the 1791 Holland that is at 13' with pollen from a 1305 Werner today.  The 1305 is a very nice looking and aggressive growing plant that reminds me a lot of the 1791.  I know Joe pollinated one at about the same length on his 1305 today so we are off to the races. The female flower was a 4 lobber which is what I prefer.

I like the shape of the pumpkin on this one.  It has a bit of length to it.  Usually the shape of the pumpkin on the vine will indicate what the shape of the pumpkin will be but that isn't always the case.  Pumpkins that are long and not so tall tend to have less problems with blossom end splits (BES).  Tall pumpkins have more problems with BES but they tend to look bigger which is kind of cool.  But a pumpkin with a split isn't qualified for a weigh-off so it is better not to blow them so you can show them.

As you can see in the picture I need to remove the side vine next to the pumpkin.  I'll wait a day or two to see if the pumpkin is growing before I remove that however.

Today is going to be cooler than what most of the days I've pollinated on in the past.  Usually it is at least 92 degrees on a pollination day but today is going to be mid-80s which is ideal.

I've had good success with my pollinations taking in the past.  I don't really do anything special.  I lay off nitrogen fertilizers prior and just after pollination.  I also put one of those white lawn chairs over the female flower days prior to the pollination.  I think if you can help keep it cool and relatively dry your changes go up for the pollination taking.  10 days from now I'll know if it worked.  When the pumpkin gets real shiny where you can almost see your reflection in the pumpkin is when you know things are going well.  Usually that is around day 8.

Today I gave both plants some compost tea.  I also gave a foliar application of Nutri-Cal to the 335 plant which is basically a calcium nitrate fertilizer.  The 335 growth has been relatively slow lately, so I'm hoping this will kick it into gear.

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