Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Grandular Fertilizer for the Pumpkin Plants

This evening I gave each pumpkin plant about a quarter of a cup of blood meal, quarter cup of humic acid, quarter cup of gypsum and a quarter cup of alfalfa meal.  Although color has been good on the 335 plant, growth of the vines and the size of leaves indicates to me that I might be a bit low on nitrogen in the soil so I want to see what that does to the plant.  The blood meal will be a faster releasing organic nitrogen source and alfalfa's nitrogen will release a little more slowly so the plant gets a little more sustained nitrogen over the next few weeks.

Typically you don't want to feed the plant all at once.  Divided, smaller does seems to be better and you will see less problems with the plant and pumpkin.

I may not have a world record this year, but since both pumpkins are already turning orange I might have a shot at a Howard Dill award for prettiest pumpkin.  Both are lightly ribbed pumpkins and should have good color if they don't cantaloupe. 

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