Thursday, August 21, 2014

Patch Preping for 2015 Early

I'm already patch prepping for next year and getting a jump on the competition.  At least that is what the loser says that had to pull his plants early.  Lol

Finally got some time to pull the 1791 plant.  I cut open the pumpkin and was a little disappointed with the thickness.  I grew this seed hoping it would produce a heavy pumpkin but the walls of the pumpkin were regular thickness.  I'm guessing the pumpkin would have gone to the chart or maybe slightly light.

I don't remember ever having this many weeds in the patch.   Rain and cooler weather has sprouted a lot of weeds.  I'm going to be putting in some sorghum sudan grass as a cover crop but I'm going to have to till the soil first to get all of the grass and weeds out of the way.  In about 40 days I'll till in the sudan grass and and put in a winter rye cover crop for the winter.


Jason said...

Sorry about your plant. Just one question - is there a reason why you cut open the pumpkin and did not save it for the fall? A 400+lb pumpkin is still quite impressive.

Jamie said...

I thought about it but I could see that the pumpkin was ripening very quickly and wasn't going to make it. It was also the logistics of trying to move it around. Although small by my standards, trying to move a 450 pound pumpkin around takes some effort.