Friday, August 22, 2014

Picking the Right Pumpkin Seed, How to Not Do It

This season I couldn't have gotten my pumpkin seeds more wrong.  Not that there wasn't some wisdom in what I planted, but of the ones I did plant I seem to have picked the wrong ones.  For example, I grew the 1791 Holland and the 1317 Clementz.  The 1317 has at least one pumpkin that could go over 1,600 pounds this year.  I kept the 1791 and gave the 1317 plant to Elitch Gardens.  I had a 1791 planted right next to a very nice looking 282 Scherber.  It ripped my heart out to yank it, but I went with the 1791 and there is a 282 that could be a new Colorado state record and I know of at least one other big one that is out there.  I started three 335 Scherber seeds.  The one I grew was slow from the start, but my daughters is looking pretty good now after a slow start due to hail damage.  The grass is always greener on the other side and not very seed is the same, but my batting average was extremely low this year.

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