Saturday, June 6, 2015

Latest Photos from the Pumpkin Patch

Weather in Colorado has been a bit schizophrenic this week.  93 degrees one day.  Cool the next. Sun in the morning and then rain in the afternoon and then sun again and then heavy storms in the evening.  For the first time I saw puddles form in the patch from the heavy rains.  Even when we had the floods in Colorado 3 years ago that didn't happen.

The 1985 Miller is 6-8 inches from the end of the hoop house and I can't reposition the hoop house any more.  Sunday or Monday I'll have to remove the hoop house.  Fortunately the weather forecast is looking a little better.  I'm glad I didn't have to take them out sooner because I wouldn't have wanted the plants out in this weather, even with hail netting over the plants.

The 1985 looks very 2009ish to me.  The fact is that it should look that way, but from a genetic standpoint both plants are very similar.  If you look at the shape of the leaves on both plants they almost look identical.

I can tell the RAW Nitrogen (learn more) I gave the plants kicked in.  This type of nitrogen is one of the few non-organic fertilizers that I give plants but the quantities are small and this type of nitrogen is readily available to the plants.  The leaves got bigger on both plants and the side vines have started growing a little faster.

The 282 plant is looking better all of the time.  Growth on the main vine for it might be a touch faster than the 1985 at the same stage.  It still has some catching up to do, but I have more and more hope for this plant all the time.  

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