Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Nitrogen Time for the Pumpkin Plants

I've been giving the plants small doses on nitrogen for the last couple of weeks.  That was mostly because of the lack of sun and I was hoping that the nitrogen might make the plants a little happier.  What I found is that it did little to nothing.   Only the sun was going to fix the main problem.

Today I gave the plants a dose of RAW Nitrogen 20-0-0 (learn more) and RAW Omina 14-0-0 (learn more).  These were applied as a drench but in fairly small quantities (about 1/16 tsp of each per plant).  Right now that the plants are vining, they need a little extra nitrogen to push them along and give them the energy they need.

Both plants have been looking perfectly happy the last two days.  Color is looking much better and growth is good.

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