Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cane Molasses for the Pumpkin Plants to Get the Biology Going

Interesting thing starts happening to the pumpkin plants this time of year.  It isn't something you can actually see, but an opportunity if you know what to do.  Plants and the soil biology have a symbiotic relationship.  The plant roots give sugars to the biology in the soil and in return the biology gives the plants nutrients in a form that they can use.  However, as the pumpkin starts kicking into gear and demanding a lot of the plants energy, the plant can start getting stingy with giving sugars back to the biology.  The opportunity at this time of year is to give the plants some RAW Cane Molasses which can give the biology the sugars they need, while they continue to feed the plant.  This keeps the soil activity going late into the season.

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