Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pollination Aborted on the 282

The pollination didn't take on the 282 plant.  It will be another four days until the next female is ready.  A real bummer.  Have to hope that this one takes and we get a real mild September/October.

I continue to fertigate with the mixture of humic acid, omina, fulvic acid, and potassium.


Unknown said...

That's a major bummer! Since the next pollination will be so late will that pumpkin just be for fun instead of competition?

Anonymous said...

I have a pumpkin growing pretty good on a secondary vine. The secondary vine is growing from the main vine about ten feet out. My delima is should I pinch the main vine and let this one go? I have a pumpkin on the main vine but it's really small. Started late. Should I wait for the one on the main vine to catch up?

Jamie said...

Ryan - we are going to try to make the best of it and probably take it to a later weigh-off.

For the question on the secondary vine, it would depend on the pollination dates for each pumpkin. A pumpkin over the long haul will typically grow bigger on the main vine, because it will have better access to more of the plants energy.