Saturday, September 19, 2015

Some TKO with RAW Grow as a Foliar

This evening I did a foliar application of TKO and RAW Grow on the pumpkin plants.  I measure the pumpkin this morning.  First time in almost a week and it is still growing.  Around 4 pounds a day right now.  We are a month away from when I plan on taking the pumpkin to a weigh-off.  I don't suppose that it will still be growing by then, but would be very pleased if I could get another 100 pounds in the next month.


Brad Washburn said...

I'm in Sacramento, California... my main vine is turning brown like it's dead. It's heading towards the pumpkin. (Pumpkin Is not on main vine)
Is this a sign it's time to pick? I know it's probably hard to guess without a picture.

Jamie said...

Hard to say. If it is rot, then you don't want for it to get to the pumpkin. It could be a number of things however.