Thursday, August 17, 2017

How the Word "Study" is the Best Friend in Giant Pumpkin Research

I think that a close second to working hard in the pumpkin patch is doing your research.  There is so much to learn in order to grow a giant pumpkin and getting the RIGHT information is very important.  There is a lot of bad information out there.   Even on   I've even talked with growers who had grown world record pumpkins who shared a piece of bad information.  

The problem is that there is more to know than anyone could consume and new research changes old ideas all the time.   So I believe that Google and the word "study" are two of your best friends.   When I want to do a search for information on "alfalfa triacontanol root mass" because I want to learn how alfalfa can help build root mass, I like to add the word "study" to the end of the search.  Try searching for "alfalfa triacontanol root mass" and "alfalfa triacontanol root mass study" and see how it changes the search results.  The first is more general so you get the marijuana growers posts (some very knowledgeable growers in that group and some real idiots), scientific studies and products marketing their benefits.  The problem is that anything other than the scientific studies can be old wives tales and marketing hype.  The science isn't always right, but I'll take it over someone who may have started growing last month and is throwing out comments in a post.

I own a website design business that does SEO so these kinds of tricks are the types of things we use all the time to get websites to rank on Google, but these same techniques work well for someone who wants the best information to grow a giant pumpkin.

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