Saturday, August 19, 2017

Latest Pumpkin Photos

Below are photos from the patch.  The 747 "Jumbo" pumpkin has already exceed estimates I had earlier in the season for where this pumpkin would end up.  If she keeps growing a little and if she doesn't blow up and if she goes as heavy as mama did, then it will end up being the biggest pumpkin that I've gotten to the scale that wasn't damaged (but that is a lot of ANDs).  Mama for this seed was 19% heavy.  Papa got a blossom end split and never made it to the scale.  The shape of this pumpkin is just like mama however, but that doesn't always mean anything. 

My two biggest pumpkins I've grown in the past had holes in them, but managed to keep them together so I could get them to the scale.  My personal best pumpkin was 1,220 pounds.  Jumbo has no shot at being that big, but could end up better than anticipated.

The 1685 pumpkin is under wraps (literally).  I've not measured it in some time.  Still growing!
Gave the plants a small amount of granular 22-0-0 and humic acid.
747 Johnson - Jumbo

1685 Scherber - Cujoe

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