Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Fertigating the Pumpkin 2145 McMullen

This week I finally hooked up the fertigation system for the 2145 plant.  Basically fertigating is injecting fertilizer directly into the irrigation water to feed the plants.  This is the PERFECT way to give nutrients to the plants.  As you already may know the NPK RAW fertilizers use are very popular with hydrophonic growers because all of the fertilizers are water soluble.  So what happens is the fertilizers are put into a container with water that has a tube going into it.  The fertilizer is then pulled up via an injector that mixes the fertilizer solution with the irrigation water and then is sprayer out under the leaves via the Dan micro sprinklers that I have.  The end result is spoon feeding that is evening distributed throughout the entire patch with each watering.  The injector has a flow valve on it that allows me to control the amount of fertilizer solution that is injected.  In the coming weeks I'll do a video showing the setup.

In that fertilizer container I have some 3-12-12, Omina and a little extra potassium.

Today I sprayed some 3-12-12 with Omina under the canopy on the 1974 plant.  That plant unfortunately I don't have a fertigation setup for because is is watered with rotary sprinklers.

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