Thursday, July 26, 2018

Pics from the Pumpkin Patch

Here are the latest pics from the pumpkin patch.  Pumpkin growth is a little ahead of last year.  The 1974 (Grandpa Dee) is going to have a little orange to it.  The 2145 (Unlce Sam) I think is going to be white.  It is six days younger than the 1974 pumpkin, but growing at a similar rate.  My son's 1764 is going to be very orange, so we pretty much have all of the shades covered.  The 1764 I think could end up growing my son's biggest pumpkin ever.  Plant is in good shape.  Could use a little more care by him, but he is doing a good job (he needs to pull some weeds).  That seed was crossed with the same same plant that grow the 1974, but you would never know it.  My 1974 and his plant are very different and the pumpkins are complete opposites in terms of shape and color.

1974 McConkie

2145 McMullen

1764 McConkie

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