Wednesday, April 17, 2019

We are Growing

All of my initial seeds germinated except for one of the 2255s.  So I started a second.  I had almost given up on it at about the 48 hour mark, but then it popped.  All of the seeds are now pushing plants up through the soil now except for the newly germinated 2255.

I kind of thought that 1409 Miller would be the hardest seed to germinate, but it has been one of the most aggressive.  I've had no luck with the 282 Scherber seeds so far that my son is supposed to grow.  The first two didn't germinate.  2nd two are just past 48 hours and haven't germinated either, so I may not have a 282 seed for him.  I have a 1478 and a 1146 seed, which are both a selfed 282 seed, so they will be my backups if plan A doesn't work.

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