Sunday, June 30, 2019

Day 10

2005 pumpkin AKA "Uncle Sam"
I usually take measurements on the pumpkins 10 days after pollination to see how they are growing.  Day 10 measurements don't really mean anything however.  I know one great grower who had some very, very big pumpkins and he said his day 10 measurements were always very small. 

No barn stormers in my patch after just 10 days, but I would have been really surprised if I did have one.  Two days after pollination we were in the 30s for the lows for the next three days.  So about a third of these pumpkins lives have been in cold weather.   The good news is that both pumpkins seem set and are growing okay all considering.

One interesting thing about both plants have been how in sync they have been.  Growth rate has been very similar on the main vine.  Both plants had females at 8 feet and then again at 14 feet and all of the females flowers opened on the same day.   If I were to guess, the 2255 plant might be the better plant, since it is grown outdoors and harsher conditions, but it has kept up.

The one noticeable difference is that 2005 plant is in much better shape.  Winds and frost have taken a toll on the 2255 plant.  I was out by the patch with my daughter and she said, "What is wrong with that plant?"  It is pretty noticeable.  It will be interesting to see where they both end up at the end of the year.  My guess is that wear and tear on the 2255 plant by the end of September will have taken its toll.

I've decided to name the 2005 pumpkin Uncle Sam and the 2255 pumpkin Frosty.  Uncle Sam because of the Federal Governments contribution to the greenhouse and Frosty from the battles the 2255 plant have had to endure.

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