Thursday, October 10, 2019

Prepping for Bigger Next Year; Pumpkin Knights

I've been bringing in some compost for the patch for next year and adding it to the patch.  My soil scientist had suggested earlier this season to not add any compost this fall, but I decided to ignore with just a thin layer over the patch.   His concern was mostly in regards to nitrogen,which is warranted.  My nitrogen was too high in the patch this year.  However, I know my patch wasn't holding nutrients very well this year so I wanted to add some compost to build up the organic matter to help retain nutrients and also replenish what was lost during this season.  Just a small amount however.

In the spring I'm going to till in some sphagnum peat moss which will add pretty much no nutrients but will add organic matter and I should be in good shape.

On Saturday will I till in some humic acid and sulfur and then plant a cover crop.  That will also add additional organic matter, help suppress weeds and help make nutrients available to the plant next season.

Today I said goodbye to the pumpkin (aka Uncle Sam).  I sold the pumpkin to Pumpkin Nights at the Utah State Fair Grounds.  I'm told about 65,000 people will visit pumpkin nights, so it will be fun to allow so many people to get to see the pumpkin. 

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